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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
L type 0658 Georg Leitl Victoria
L type 0660 Warwick Anderson Victoria
L type 0730 Martin Barrett South Australia
L type 2048 John Hunting Western Australia
M Type 0275 Morgan Family Ed Ison, NSW. Chris McMurray. Albert Johnson, NSW. Victoria
M Type 0353 Tim Rettig South Australia
M Type 0402 Mark Alsop 1932-? Neil Baird, ? Mr McCandlish, ? Ralph Siers, ? Robbie Nesbit, 1959-96 John May. Victoria
M Type 0540 David Felgate South Australia
M Type 0580 Ian Heather New South Wales
M Type 0582 Morgan Family Ian Heather (senior) (deceased). Victoria
M Type 0872 Ian Mawson Graeme Steinfort, Vic. John Lawton, Vic. Alan King, Vic. Victoria
M Type 1063-2 Keith Williams Lance Dixon Victoria
M Type 1160 Michael Spruyt New South Wales
M Type 1272 Peter Kerr (dec. April 22) Rob Morphett, South Australia Queensland
M Type 1447 Mike Greenwood ? D.J. Sexton, Adelaide. 1957 Robert Morphett, S.A. South Australia
M Type 1468 Hilton Goodall Queensland
M Type 1523 Bill Fuller Noel Stanley Burton, Annerley, Qld., 1954. Garnet Smith, 1955. N.S. Burton, 1963. Doug Partington 1974. Noel Parry 1985. Queensland
M Type 1524 Tony Slattery Andrew Basil Gillespie, 30s. Henry (Harry) Fletcher 50s. Brian Jeffery 1996. Alan Robinson 1996-2014. Queensland
M Type 2040 Jim Thompson, Vic. Graeme Steinfort, Vic. Victoria
M Type 2123 Alastair Clarke, N.S.W. Australia
M type 2177 Brian Goodall Neil and Jane Beck, Capetown, S.A. Queensland
M Type 2218 Errol Sales New South Wales
M Type 2551 Tony Basham Mr Webster of Woldingham, Surrey, UK, 1931. Michael Collier, 1932. Mabel Bourne, UK. Sydney importer, 1977. Colin Dennet, 2014. Queensland
M type 2660 Marguerite Morgan UK
M Type 2712 Ray and John Abikhair M.S. Allcock, UK, >1968. Sevier brothers, UK, >1974. Brian Flowers, NSW. Ken Macken, NSW, >2017. Brian Goodall, Qld >2018. John Crighton >2022. Queensland
M Type 2737 Ryan Thompson Barry Bahnisch, SA Victoria
M Type 3035 Errol Sales New South Wales
M Type 3278 Robin & Jenny Page Victoria
M type 3328 Geoff Wigg Records pre-1950 lost. 7/50 Henry Nelson Bournemouth. ? Reginald Cuff Southampton. ? Keith Hick Southampton. ? Elizabeth Shute Wellington. ? David Shute Wellington. 1976 Geoff Wigg. Queensland
M Type 3440 Matt Spoljarevic Ex-York Motor Museum Col Schiller Tony Slattery Alan Baines Queensland