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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
M Type 3278 Robin Page Patricia Mottram, Vic '75-2004 Victoria
M type 3291 Morgan Family Andy King, UK, 2020. Victoria
M type 3328 Geoff Wigg Records pre-1950 lost. 7/50 Henry Nelson Bournemouth. ? Reginald Cuff Southampton. ? Keith Hick Southampton. ? Elizabeth Shute Wellington. ? David Shute Wellington. 1976 Geoff Wigg. Queensland
M Type 3440 Matt Spoljarevic York Motor Museum, WA '81-09 Col Schiller, Qld '09-12 Tony Slattery, Qld '12-13 Alan Baines, Qld '13-16 Col Schiller, Qld '16-17 Queensland
M Type Replica John Fincher Victoria
NA 0278 Doug Keith Victoria
NA 0279 Andrew Fock Sir Hugh Devine, 34- late 30s, A.J. Clarke, late 30s to 64, Meyer Steinberg, 64-99 Victoria
NA 0281 Walter Magilton Fred Gluth Victoria
NA 0297 John Hunting Western Australia
NA 0303 Ed Taylor Victoria
NA 0391 Robert Smith New South Wales
NA 0392 Andrew Hayes South Australia
NA 0445 Allan Herring Western Australia
NA 0527 John Lesslie New South Wales
NA 0539 John Oke Northern Territory
NA 0541 Peter Cundy John Snow, NSW 1934- Angus Robertson, NSW '30s. Larry Duff, NSW '40s. Jim Elliott, Newtown NSW '40s. Len Golding, NSW '40s. Fred Elbourne, NSW '40s-50? W. Page, Townsville Qld. Roland Wilf Eberle, Townsville Qld. B. Williams, Qld. '60s Captain (Army) Luxilian Clyde Anable, Qld. Peter Westerwick, Cairns Qld '70s. Bob Fast, Qld 1982-2016. South Australia
NA 0550 Peter Kerr Queensland
NA 0554 Michael Martin Victoria
NA 0637 Peter Coombe South Australia
NA 0656 Ray Abikhair N.A. Pinegar UK. 1935-? Terry Bone UK. 2005 Neville Howell, Vic 2012-2020 Victoria
NA 0678 Alan Reid John Ruffley, John Buchanan Victoria
NA 0968 Neil Anderson Howard Ring, W.A. Queensland
NB 0937 Ed Farrer Western Australia
NB 0789 John Lesslie New South Wales
NB 0860 Ross Kelly Queensland
NB 0897 Tim Harper South Australia
NB 0904 John Gillett Victoria
NB 0926 Martin Barrett South Australia
NB 0946 Nick Langford Victoria
NB 0963 Georg Leitl Victoria