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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
PB 0392 Brendon and Peta Ryder John Hunting, WA. 80s. Ed Farrer, WA. 80s. John Hunting, WA. 90s. Richard Fearon, Vic. 90s. Ron Adams, NSW. 2000s. Phil Redhead, NSW. 200? - 2019 New South Wales
PB 0475 Vern Smithers Western Australia
PB 0489 Les Bishop Terry Egan Victoria
PB 0566 Andrew Barnett Victoria
PB 0698 Lou Symes Western Australia
PB 0728 Bill Jenkinson John Hunting, WA. 80s. Peter Briggs, WA. 90s. Barry Robinson, WA. early 2000s. Bill Jamison, WA. 2005. Western Australia
PB 0749 Ian Mawson Victoria
Q Type 0256 Colin Lord New South Wales
Q Type 0257 John Lackey New South Wales
Replica John Fincher, Victoria. Victoria
SA 1851 Andy Lucena Western Australia
SA 0491 Todd Barker New South Wales
SA 0493 Mike Sherrell Western Australia
SA 0499 Ellen Wilson Mostyn & Wendy Upton Queensland
SA 0518 Bob Schapel South Australia
SA 0614 Ian Edgar Victoria
SA 0818 Ray Skewes Victoria
SA 0891 Brian Smyth Victoria
SA 0907 Ian Edgar Victoria
SA 0945 Maurice Timms Bruce Mc Donald Victoria
SA 1013 Ron Taylor New South Wales
SA 1038 Ken Richardson Western Australia
SA 1137 Barry Shinfield Alan Robinson New South Wales
SA 1225 Grahame Campbell New South Wales
SA 1273 John Mullens New South Wales
SA 1306 Bob Simpson Reg O’Malley (SA), John Bowles (WA), Graeme King (WA) New South Wales
SA 1425 Malcolm Robertson Capital Territory
SA 1453 Don Phillips Dr T Robson, Harry and Cathy Hickling New South Wales
SA 1459 Harry Hickling Capital Territory
SA 1787 Malcolm Robertson Kevin Ireland Capital Territory