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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
14/28 167064 Col Schiller Original owner unknown 1927-32, NSW. 32-64 Thomas Clark, NSW. 64-87 James Marriot, NSW. 87-2010 Ron Button, NSW. Queensland
14/40 2353 Bill Young Ray Bradbury, N.S.W. Queensland
14/40 2703 Col Schiller 1950s, W.A. Raby, UK. R. Abraham, UK. 1974 Brian Moore, Cambridge, UK. 1983 Peter Briggs, York Motor Museum, W.A. Queensland
18/80 6666 Col Schiller Don Martine, USA Queensland
J 0268 Barry Evans Ian Fairhead, UK, 80s. John Firth-Smith, NSW. 2005. Col Schiller, Qld. Queensland
J2 3110 Daniel Wong Queensland
J2 3491 Arthur Morris Queensland
J2 4112 John Byrne Queensland
J2 4319 Ralph Leach Alastair Clarke Queensland
J2 4383 Col Schiller John and Barbara Payne, South Australia Don Shinners, South Aust. Queensland
J3 3763 Bill Fuller 1933 - L. Castleton-Knight, London. 1933-34 K.H. Perry, UK. !934 George Martin Melbourne, Aus. 1936 Stan Edwards, 1937 Derry George, 1947 Bill Prowse, 1949 Jackson Oxlade, 49 John Lynch, 49 Rod Jackson, 51 Robert Thomas, 59 Frank Wright, 60 Unknown, 63 Rod Pratt, 68 Bill Atherton, 73 Gary Grant, 79 Peter Callaghhan, 2000 Paul Latham, 2000 Bill Andrews, 2003 Ross Kelly, 2011 Queensland
K3 3004 Clifford Ross Kelly B. Croft, 97-17. M. Henderson, 87-97, F. Bett, 62-87, J. Gullan, 60-62. M. Robertson, 58-60. J. Gullan, 50-58. Mr May 43-50. Unk. 39-43. Mrs Corbett-Fisher 37-39. W. Cotton, 36-37. D. Froy? 35. G. Manby-Colegrave 33-35. Queensland
K3 3031 Gary KleinSchmidt Queensland
L type 0657 Dino Mattea Queensland
M Type 1272 Peter Kerr Rob Morphett, South Australia Queensland
M Type 1468 Hilton Goodall Queensland
M Type 1523 Bill Fuller Noel Stanley Burton, Annerley, Qld., 1954. Garnet Smith, 1955. N.S. Burton, 1963. Doug Partington 1974. Noel Parry 1985. Queensland
M Type 1524 Tony Slattery Andrew Basil Gillespie, 30s. Henry (Harry) Fletcher 50s. Brian Jeffery 1996. Alan Robinson 1996-2014. Queensland
M Type 2551 Tony Basham Mr Webster of Woldingham, Surrey, UK, 1931. Michael Collier, 1932. Mabel Bourne, UK. Sydney importer, 1977. Colin Dennet, 2014. Queensland
M Type 2712 John Crighton M.S. Allcock, UK, 1968. Roy & Rex Sevier, UK, 1974. Brian Flowers, NSW. Ken Macken, NSW, 2017. Brian Goodall, Qld 2019. Queensland
M Type 3440 Matt Spoljarevic Ex-York Motor Museum Col Schiller Tony Slattery Alan Baines Queensland
M2177 Brian Goodall Queensland
M3328 Geoff Wigg Records pre-1950 lost. 7/50 Henry Nelson Bournemouth. ? Reginald Cuff Southampton. ? Keith Hick Southampton. ? Elizabeth Shute Wellington. ? David Shute Wellington. 1976 Geoff Wigg. Queensland
NA 0550 Peter Kerr Queensland
NA 0678 David Hall John Ruffley, John Buchanan, Alan Reid Queensland
NB 0860 Ross Kelly Queensland
NB 0968 Neil Anderson Howard Ring, W.A. Queensland
PA 0437 Tony Basham Wayne Cairn, Vic. Queensland
PA 0484 David Hall 1935 R.J. Randell, Vic. 1942 Alan Male, Vic. 1992 Register Graeme Proctor, N.S.W. 1997 Register Frank Horwood, N.S.W. 2005 Register Phillip J Dadd, N.S.W. 2007 Ken Catlow, Vic. Queensland
PA 0990 John Byrne Queensland