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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
J3 3762 Ed Taylor L Dennis (UK), S Frazer (UK), Britannia Motors (Vic), K Bartlet (NSW), A Oliver (Vic), S Edwards (Vic), J Barraclough (NSW), R Bird (Vic), A Hallett , J Watson, D Watson, B Gibson Victoria
J3 3767 Batkin family Victoria
J3 3771 Tim Jackson 1933 P. Strong ??? UK. 1934 W.B.Horsely Vic., Aust. 1937 W.E Bishop Vic. 1950s Winston Bolwell, Vic. 1961 Siang Tjio, Vic. Victoria
K1 0330 Georg Leitl Victoria
K1 0411 Marguerite Morgan Ross Kelly 2009-17, David Gregory ?-2009. Victoria
K1 0421 David Rodd Victoria
K3 3002 Adam Berryman Victoria
K3 3030 John Gillett Phil Brady Victoria
K3 3752 Jim Nilsson Victoria
K3 Replica Neville Howell Victoria
L type 02069 Greg Nener Victoria
L type 0327 Nigel Willey John Firth-Smith Victoria
L type 0389 John Gillett Victoria
L type 0409 Georg Leitl Victoria
L type 0483 Peter Booth Victoria
L type 0532 Graeme Jackson Victoria
L type 0546 Gary Grant 33 Les Jennings, 43 Ross Davidson (fitted V8 engine) Tom Hawkes, Geelong, Johnny Major, Geelong, John East, Shepparton, '60s Jim McDonald, (BMC eng) Melbourne, '70s Terry O'Keefe, Melb., 74 Robin Grant, Geelong, 83 Gary Grant, Geelong. Robin Grant Victoria
L type 0594 James Earl Victoria
L type 0617 John Lawson Victoria
L type 0640 Jim Pelacchi Victoria
L type 0658 Georg Leitl Victoria
L type 0660 Warwick Anderson Victoria
M Type 0275 Morgan Family Ed Ison, NSW. Chris McMurray. Albert Johnson, NSW. Victoria
M Type 0402 Mark Alsop 1932-? Neil Baird, ? Mr McCandlish, ? Ralph Siers, ? Robbie Nesbit, 1959-96 John May. Victoria
M Type 0582 Morgan Family Ian Heather (senior) (deceased). Victoria
M Type 0872 Ian Mawson Graeme Steinfort, Vic. John Lawton, Vic. Alan King, Vic. Victoria
M Type 1063-2 Keith Williams Lance Dixon Victoria
M Type 2040 Jim Thompson, Vic. Graeme Steinfort, Vic. Victoria
M Type 2737 Ryan Thompson Barry Bahnisch, SA Victoria
M Type 3278 Robin & Jenny Page Victoria