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 SVW /  New South Wales / 379 views

Current owner: Harry Hickling, Victoria. Information: History: None supplied  

 SVW /  Victoria / 383 views

 SVW /  Western Australia / 334 views

 SVW /  Western Australia / 398 views

 SVW /  South Australia / 326 views

 SVW /  South Australia / 349 views

 SVW /  Western Australia / 332 views

Current owner: Ray Abikhair, Victoria. Information: Built in 1938 as a 4-door saloon for export and imported into Australia by P & R Williams. History: The saloon went originally to Brisbane but the early history is unknown. The first record is when it was seen by Rod Hiley in 1965,...

 SVW /  Victoria / 425 views

Information / History: The car has been in storage since David acquired it part restored in 2004 from Max Mulligan

 SVW /  Queensland / 397 views

 SVW /  Queensland / 417 views

Information / History: The first third generation ownership of an SVW car began last year with the transfer of SA1882 from Bruce Eyre to his son Scott in Queensland. Bruce has suffered a debilitating illness for some years now and has decided that the time has come to pass the car...

 SVW /  Queensland / 362 views

Information / History: Out for a weekend drive with his family is Hans Werner who owned SA 1879. This car is understood to have been imported for the personal use of Lord Nuffield during his tour of Australia in the late 1930's. In January 1940 it was sold by Lanes to Dr Reginald...

 SVW /  Queensland / 325 views

Information / History: SA0499 was purchased by the previous owner from Graham Nicholls of the SA MG Car Club some 35 years ago. A full body restoration and repaint was carried out in the early 1980s by Giovanni Pagnussat who rebuilt the wooden body frame and replaced the sunshine roof,...

 SVW /  Queensland / 392 views

 SVW /  Victoria / 327 views

Information / History: SA 0945 This is no ordinary MG Saloon Underneath the mild mannered coachwork lies a highly modified pre War MG.  It started off life as an early model (694th produced on the line 1936) SA Saloon, and on the outside not much difference, except the hint of extra 30mm...

 SVW /  Victoria / 412 views

Information / History: Purchased 0n 14/09/1937 from Sycamore Motors Stamford by a Mr De Braine a surgeon at Stamford Hospital.  Restoration begun by Roger Miles and completed by Gary Perry.  Car purchased late October 2010 by Aubrey Paverd and after much obfuscation by  various authorities  and shipping delays finally arrived...

 SVW /  Victoria / 369 views

 SVW /  Victoria / 326 views

 SVW /  Victoria / 318 views

 SVW /  Victoria / 334 views

 SVW /  Victoria / 306 views

Information / History: In 1937, William Airy, a young well-to-do dentist in Melbourne, Australia, decided that a two door coupe body on the new MG Two Litre (or SA) would be his preferred motor car.  As this body style was not offered by the factory, the car was imported as...

 SVW /  Capital Territory / 327 views

History:  SA 2337 and the Peking to Paris Rally Built from the ground up from the remains of a burnt-out saloon (SA2337) bought from Morris Pavlinovich in Western Australia, and some more panels and other bits and pieces from another chassis (SA 1885 ex-Ed Ison from Sydney) that Harry had owned for several...

 SVW /  Capital Territory / 351 views

Current owner: John Crighton, Qld. Information: Construction was competed 21st June 1937 as a 4-door saloon intended as one of 23 exported to Australia, arriving on the 29th October 1037.  Sold in Sydney by P&R Williams, believed the original colour was blue.  The sales blurb read “Out of the hard...

 SVW /  Queensland / 367 views

 SVW /  Capital Territory / 352 views

 SVW /  Capital Territory / 322 views

 SVW /  New South Wales / 387 views

 SVW /  New South Wales / 302 views

Information / History: Believed to now be in New Zealand. New owner please advise

 SVW /  New South Wales / 313 views

Information / History: The car is the third and last type of Tourer made by Charlesworth for the MG SA. The chassis was made in November 1937 at Abingdon and then passed to Charlesworth for at least 6 weeks for them to build the body. The car was probably used...

 SVW /  New South Wales / 411 views

Information / History: This photo was taken when Graham was on the way to Historic Winton. Photos and info provided by Graham Hore

 SVW /  New South Wales / 350 views

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