Entire Pre-War M.G Register

The Vehicle Registrar: Marguerite Morgan

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14/28 115687 Terry Prodger New South Wales
14/28 167064 Col Schiller Queensland
14/40 2353 Bill Young Queensland
14/40 2703 Col Schiller Queensland
14/40 2754 Neil Cuthbert Estate Victoria
18/80 6268 Peter Partridge Western Australia
18/80 6409 Robert Bazzica South Australia
18/80 6666 Col Schiller Queensland
18/80 6670 Keith Herkes, UK UK
C 0261 Morgan Family Victoria
C 0284 Marguerite Morgan UK
C 0291 Unknown, UK. UK
F 0303 Graeme & Shirley Davies Victoria
F type 0345 Peter Bail South Australia
F Type 0428 Brian Oxley Capital Territory
F Type 0525 Barry Broom Victoria
F type 0546 Charles & Margret Tuckey South Australia
F Type 0581 John Hurst New South Wales
F type 0662 Bruce Washington Western Australia
F Type 0705 Russel Turner New South Wales
F Type 0861 Harry Hickling Victoria
F type 1048 Neil & Mary-Anne Anderson Queensland
F type 1178 George and Marguerite Morgan Victoria
F Type 1254 Tim Shellshear New South Wales
F type 1316 Philip Battye Victoria
F type 1317 Ryan Thompson Victoria
F type 1433 Peter Partridge Western Australia
F Type 1438 Ron Taylor New South Wales
F Type 1452 Ross Alexander New South Wales
J 0268 Barry Evans Queensland
J2 2071 Errol Sales New South Wales
J2 2186 Robin Page Victoria
J2 2217 John Noble Victoria
J2 2323 Rod Amos Victoria
J2 2646 Ian Burston Western Australia
J2 2664 Unknown Victoria
J2 2681 Douglas Rathbone Victoria
J2 2754 Lloyd Russell New South Wales
J2 2775 Martin Barrett South Australia
J2 2828 Nick Caudwell Victoria
J2 2893 Ross Tilsed New South Wales
J2 2920 Mike Gething Victoria
J2 3003 Aubrey Paverd Victoria
J2 3015 Brian Cather New South Wales
J2 3018 Chris Lamrock Victoria
J2 3028 Allana O'Neill New South Wales
J2 3049 Allan Herring Western Australia
J2 3058 Peter Holsgrove New South Wales
J2 3110 Daniel Wong Queensland
J2 3284 Glen Bishop Victoria
J2 3295 Ed Farrar Western Australia
J2 3364 Ivan Glasby Estate New South Wales
J2 3380 Dorothy & Paul Acfield Victoria
J2 3389 Mrs Andrea Gleeson Victoria
J2 3418 Jennie & Graeme Jackson Victoria
J2 3477 Bruce Leer New South Wales
J2 3491 Arthur Morris Queensland
J2 3529 Brian Kimmings New South Wales
J2 3560 Don Murphy Victoria
J2 3592 Alan Davenport Western Australia
J2 3627 Peter Clark Victoria
J2 3661 Peter Partridge Western Australia
J2 3662 Rob Bodkin Western Australia
J2 3727 Ruth Moore Victoria
J2 4111 Peter Clark Victoria
J2 4112 John Byrne Queensland
J2 4212 Ron Killcullen Western Australia
J2 4257 Unknown Victoria
J2 4281 Graeme Jackson Victoria
J2 4283 Morgan Family Victoria
J2 4294 Brian Oxley Capital Territory
J2 4319 Ralph Leach Queensland
J2 4330 Ian Buckley South Australia
J2 4359 Morgan Family Victoria
J2 4371 Ray Fowler New South Wales
J2 4383 Col Schiller Queensland
J2 4404 John Murn New South Wales
J2 4416 Richard Gregory New South Wales
J2 4417 Ian Head Victoria
J2 4418 Noel Becker Western Australia
J3 3756 George and Marguerite Morgan Victoria
J3 3762 Ed Taylor Victoria
J3 3763 Bill Fuller Queensland
J3 3766 Lost Australia
J3 3767 Batkin family Victoria
J3 3770 Daniel Roberts, USA North America
J3 3771 Tim Jackson Victoria
J4 No No. Australia
K1 0330 Georg Leitl Victoria
K1 0411 Marguerite Morgan Victoria
K1 0420 John Hunting Western Australia
K1 0421 David Rodd Victoria
K1 0434 Ray and John Abikhair Victoria
K3 3002 Adam Berryman Victoria
K3 3003 Peter Briggs Western Australia
K3 3004 Clifford Ross Kelly Queensland
K3 3030 John Gillett Victoria
K3 3031 Gary KleinSchmidt Queensland
K3 3752 Jim Nilsson Victoria
K3 Replica Neville Howell Victoria
KN 0377 Unknown Outside Australia
KN 0386 Robert Bazzica South Australia
KN 0436 Ivan Glasby New South Wales
KN 0451 John Crighton Western Australia
L type 02069 Greg Nener Victoria
L type 0327 Nigel Willey Victoria
L type 0389 John Gillett Victoria
L type 0409 Georg Leitl Victoria
L type 0409 Alistair Coombe Estate South Australia
L type 0483 Peter Booth Victoria
L type 0532 Graeme & Jennie Jackson Victoria
L Type 0533 Rob Everett New South Wales
L type 0546 Gary Grant Victoria
L type 0594 James Earl Victoria
L Type 0595 Stuart Schofield Estate New South Wales
L type 0617 Allan Wettenhall Victoria
L type 0638 Unknown Australia
L type 0640 Ryan Thompson Victoria
L type 0657 Dino Mattea Queensland
L type 0658 Georg Leitl Victoria
L type 0660 Warwick Anderson Victoria
L type 0730 Martin Barrett South Australia
L type 2048 John Hunting Western Australia
M Type 0275 Morgan Family Victoria
M Type 0353 Tim Rettig South Australia
M Type 0402 Mark Alsop Victoria
M Type 0540 David Felgate South Australia
M Type 0580 Ian Heather New South Wales
M Type 0582 Morgan Family Victoria
M Type 0872 Ian Mawson Victoria
M Type 1063-2 Keith Williams Victoria
M Type 1160 Michael Spruyt New South Wales
M Type 1272 Bob Wood Queensland
M Type 1447 Mike Greenwood South Australia
M type 1466 Hilton Goodall Queensland
M Type 1468 Hilton Goodall Queensland
M Type 1523 Bill Fuller Queensland
M Type 1524 Tony Slattery Queensland
M Type 2040 Jim Thompson Victoria
M Type 2123 Australia
M type 2177 Brian Goodall Queensland
M Type 2218 Errol Sales New South Wales
M Type 2551 Tony Basham Queensland
M type 2660 Marguerite Morgan UK
M Type 2712 Ray and John Abikhair Victoria
M Type 2737 Ryan Thompson Victoria
M Type 3035 Errol Sales New South Wales
M Type 3278 Robin & Jenny Page Victoria
M type 3328 Geoff Wigg Queensland
M Type 3440 Matt Spoljarevic Queensland
M Type Replica John Fincher Victoria
NA 0278 Doug Keith Victoria
NA 0279 Andrew Fock Victoria
NA 0281 Walter Magilton Victoria
NA 0297 John Hunting Western Australia
NA 0303 Ed Taylor Victoria
NA 0391 Robert Smith New South Wales
NA 0392 Andrew Hayes South Australia
NA 0445 Allan Herring Western Australia
NA 0527 John Lesslie New South Wales
NA 0539 John Oke Northern Territory
NA 0541 Peter Cundy South Australia
NA 0550 Peter Kerr Queensland
NA 0554 Michael Martin Victoria
NA 0637 Peter Coombe South Australia
NA 0656 Ray Abikhair Victoria
NA 0678 Alan Reid Victoria
NA 0968 Neil Anderson Queensland
NB 0937 Ed Farrer Western Australia
NB 0789 John Lesslie New South Wales
NB 0860 Ross Kelly Queensland
NB 0897 Tim Harper South Australia
NB 0904 John Gillett Victoria
NB 0926 Martin Barrett South Australia
NB 0946 Nick Langford Victoria
NB 0963 Georg Leitl Victoria
ND 0333 Arthur Ruediger South Australia
NE 0520 Peter Briggs Western Australia
PA 0265 Ian Pardey New South Wales
PA 0286 Peter Briggs Western Australia
PA 0330 Aubrey Paverd UK
PA 0437 Tony Basham Queensland
PA 0438 Andrew Cameron Victoria
PA 0439 Stephen & Kaye Shelmerdine Victoria
PA 0440 David Harrington Victoria
PA 0458 Martin Swan Western Australia
PA 0481 Tony Sloan Victoria
PA 0482 Tony Bagshaw Western Australia
PA 0484 David Hall Queensland
PA 0485 Vernon Pearson New South Wales
PA 0486 Andrew Barnett Victoria
PA 0487 Ray Skewes Victoria
PA 0489 Michael Martin Victoria
PA 0490 Robert Gibson New South Wales
PA 0510 Lindsay Hick South Australia
PA 0595 Jennie & Graeme Jackson Victoria
PA 0799 Rob Smith New South Wales
PA 0819 Brian Wilkinson Western Australia
PA 0887 Ric Wake Western Australia
PA 0989 Southgate Estate Victoria
PA 0990 John Byrne Queensland
PA 1026 Ryan Thompson Victoria
PA 1080 Mike Young New South Wales
PA 1101 Ray Abikhair Victoria
PA 1130 Bob Field Victoria
PA 1170 Edward Grundy Victoria
PA 1209 Ross Letten Queensland
PA 1223 Margaret Johnson-Denner Victoria
PA 1278 Bill Atherton Victoria
PA 1291 George and Marguerite Morgan Victoria
PA 1293 Unknown Australia
PA 1294 Andrew Fock Victoria
PA 1296 John Anderson Victoria
PA 1297 Noel Clarke Victoria
PA 1298 Graeme Steinfort Victoria
PA 1299 Alan Briggs Tasmania
PA 1300 John Noble Victoria
PA 1318 Mark Whiting New South Wales
PA 1344 Ian Northcott Victoria
PA 1345 Elliott Burns New South Wales
PA 1358 Dale Parsell Victoria
PA 1410 Warwick Anderson Victoria
PA 1415 Barry Evans Queensland
PA 1424 Anthony Fagan Victoria
PA 1427 Graeme Steinfort Victoria
PA 1428 Ivan Glasby Estate New South Wales
PA 1429 John Hudson Western Australia
PA 1499 Elliott Burns New South Wales
PA 1550 Anthony Williams Queensland
PA 1566 Bill Bennett Estate Victoria
PA 1576 Ken Taylor Tasmania
PA 1668 Bucknell Family South Australia
PA 1677 Ian Prior Victoria
PA 1726 Elliot Burns New South Wales
PA 1943 Brian Hill Victoria
PA 1979 Neville Howell Victoria
PA 2096 Errol Rumpf Queensland
PA 2173 James Harper Victoria
PB 0264 Rob Bodkin Western Australia
PB 0281 Allan and Janet Reid Victoria
PB 0301 Neil Cooke Victoria
PB 0351 Ray Skewes Victoria
PB 0392 Brendon and Peta Ryder New South Wales
PB 0475 Mark Anderson Western Australia
PB 0489 Les Bishop Victoria
PB 0566 Andrew Barnett Victoria
PB 0698 Lou Symes Western Australia
PB 0728 Bill Jenkinson Western Australia
Q Type 0256 Colin Lord New South Wales
Q Type 0257 John Lackey New South Wales
SA 1851 Andy Lucena Western Australia
SA 0491 Todd Barker New South Wales
SA 0493 Mike Sherrell Western Australia
SA 0499 Ellen Wilson Queensland
SA 0518 Bob Schapel South Australia
SA 0614 Ian Edgar Victoria
SA 0818 Ray Skewes Victoria
SA 0891 Brian Smyth Victoria
SA 0907 Ian Edgar Victoria
SA 0945 Maurice Timms Victoria
SA 1013 Ron Taylor New South Wales
SA 1038 Ken Richardson Western Australia
SA 1137 Barry Shinfield New South Wales
SA 1225 Grahame Campbell New South Wales
SA 1273 John Mullens New South Wales
SA 1306 Bob Simpson New South Wales
SA 1425 Malcolm Robertson Capital Territory
SA 1453 Don Phillips New South Wales
SA 1459 Harry Hickling Capital Territory
SA 1787 Malcolm Robertson Capital Territory
SA 1852 Russell Turner New South Wales
SA 1879 Murray Arundall Queensland
SA 1882 Scott Eyre Queensland
SA 1885 John Crighton Queensland
SA 1948 Victor Bloxsome Queensland
SA 1965 Dr. Aubrey L. Paverd Victoria
SA 1989 David Robinson Queensland
SA 2069 David Kay New South Wales
SA 2089 Maurice Timms Victoria
SA 2223 Bob Simpson New South Wales
SA 2236 Alan Connell New South Wales
SA 2308 Ron Taylor New South Wales
SA 2337 Harry Hickling Capital Territory
SA 2383 Harry Hickling Victoria
SA 2387 Russell Turner New South Wales
SA 2551 Ray Abikhair Victoria
SA 2687 John Neilson South Australia
TA 0718 David Bell Victoria
TA 0269 Daniel Wong Queensland
TA 0355 Col Schiller Queensland
TA 0358 Unknown UK
TA 0394 Frank Hiscock Queensland
TA 0542 Kevin Willis New South Wales
TA 0545 Patrick Ryan Victoria
TA 0560 Roy George New South Wales
TA 0709 Jeff Spencer New South Wales
TA 0764 Ross Story Tasmania
TA 0778 Alan Lax Queensland
TA 0983 Brian Sheaffe Victoria
TA 0988 Walter Magilton Victoria
TA 1053 Colin Brown Victoria
TA 1089 Joe Ricardo Western Australia
TA 1106 Peter Hamilton New South Wales
TA 1164 John Lackey New South Wales
TA 1243 Peter Lloyd New South Wales
TA 1288 Angela McLean South Australia
TA 1346 Geoff Davis Western Australia
TA 1389 Allan Herring Western Australia
TA 1390 Neil Trezise Victoria
TA 1418 Bill Hicks Western Australia
TA 1429 Trevor Page New South Wales
TA 1430 David Schoch Queensland
TA 1456 David Wright Victoria
TA 1457 Ian Pardey New South Wales
TA 1475 Brian Murphy Victoria
TA 1536 Jacqui & Ray Mutton Queensland
TA 1553 Michael O'Brien Queensland
TA 1579 Hein Ottens Victoria
TA 1626 David Godwin Queensland
TA 1645 Ray McGhie Queensland
TA 1692 Jim McWhirter Western Australia
TA 1712 Ralph Leach Queensland
TA 1715 Neville Howell Victoria
TA 1744 Ian & Crystal Phillips Queensland
TA 1763 Peter Donald Victoria
TA 1811 Virginia Lloyd-Tait New South Wales
TA 1850 Peter Svilans North America
TA 1939 Alan Taylor New South Wales
TA 1940 Peter Scott Tasmania
TA 1945 Ian Fraser Victoria
TA 1947 Keith Choice Western Australia
TA 1951 Glen O'Brian Queensland
TA 1980 Ross & Mandy Harris New South Wales
TA 2034 John Lackey New South Wales
TA 2116 Martin Finning Western Australia
TA 2137 Peter Werczyk New South Wales
TA 2160 Neil Rankine Victoria
TA 2275 Errol Walker Queensland
TA 2309 Keith Beauglehall Victoria
TA 2312 Graeme Louk New South Wales
TA 2369 Max Stephenson Queensland
TA 2378 Bob Schapel South Australia
TA 2391 Ron Smith South Australia
TA 2478 Martin Barrett South Australia
TA 2499 Richard Millington Victoria
TA 2510 Ron Smith South Australia
TA 2510 Richard Payne Western Australia
TA 2581 Graeme Steinfort Victoria
TA 2632 Tony Slattery Queensland
TA 2765 Bob Somerville New South Wales
TA 2828 Helen Gillett Victoria
TA 2832 Nigel Schofield Victoria
TA 2833 Phil Cassie Victoria
TA 2841 Doug Potts Australia
TA 2854 Geoff Wallbridge South Australia
TA 2885 Paul Chaleyer Victoria
TA 2908 Chas Bassingthwaite Queensland
TA 2935 Peter Matters Victoria
TA 2939 Bob Horn South Australia
TA 2954 Peter Lloyd New South Wales
TA 2982 Ross Harris New South Wales
TA 3107 Patrick Ryan Victoria
TA 3118 Leo Norburn New South Wales
TA 3176 Richard Barton New South Wales
TA 3178 Unknown New South Wales
TA 3241 Roger Watts Victoria
TA 3242 Unknown Queensland
TB 0342 Col Schiller Queensland
TB 0366 Stuart Ratcliff New South Wales
TB 0400 Bob Lyons New South Wales
TB 0417 Col Schiller Queensland
TB 0460 Jeff Newey New South Wales
TB 0478 Rees Mackay New South Wales
TB 0499 John Mullens New South Wales
TB 0500 Peter Partridge Western Australia
TB 0508 Ivan Glasby New South Wales
TB 0508 Graeme & Jennie Jackson Victoria
TB 0511 Unknown Australia
TB 0515 Ray Tolcher New South Wales
TB 0534 John Noble Victoria
TB 0547 Peter Werczyk New South Wales
TB 0551 Brian Smyth Victoria
TB 0554 Brian Langlands New South Wales
TB 0558 Bob Horn South Australia
TB 0562 Daniel Wong Queensland
TB 0609 Jeff Brown Victoria
TB 0616 John Field Tasmania
TB 0620 Allan Herring Western Australia
VA 0517 Unknown New South Wales
VA 0838 Tony & Debbie Slattery Queensland
VA 0922 Brendon Clarke Queensland
VA 1042S Errol George Queensland
VA 1048 Bill Mitchell South Australia
VA 1196T Tony Carroll New South Wales
VA 1446 Robyn & Bruce Morrison Victoria
VA 1631T Graeme Davies Victoria
VA 1747S Rick Jones Australia
VA 1755 Stan Tucker Western Australia
VA 1880 Royce Reed New South Wales
VA 2124T David Anderson Victoria
VA 2334 Lester Whiffen New South Wales
VA 2480 Ron Taylor New South Wales
WA 0370 Peter Shipside South Australia
WA 0562 Peter Gostelow Victoria
WA 0578 Robert Smith New South Wales
WA 0606 John Ison Queensland
WA 0613 Don Cairns New South Wales